We Created The International
Retirement Fund.
Join The International Retirement Fund and let your money start
working for you. We are traders who work from Monday to Friday
with the New York Stocks and Options markets, and we can pay
you up to 20% every month for 12 months, and at the end of
the contract you can ask for your principal back.
Every new member can join in by investing from $1000 to $10.000

Get the most with our fund. It means
that you’ll be getting from $200 up to $2.000 a month, at the end of 12 months cycle you’d have
received between $2.400 up to $24.000, that is good money that can make some changes in your
personal financial life, and we are here to help you out with it.


Then new members can be referred by one of our investors.

Who are already getting their monthly payments.   We are not looking for thousands and thousands of new investors, cause we are not a pyramid scheme. We trade every day from morning to noon reaching our daily financial goals.

This program is only for legal residents of the United States of America, in that case you must be a verified Skrill account holder to receive your monthly payments every month. Skrill is the only safe money processor that we recommend for our business, so try to sign up a personal account with them if you feel that this financial program is suitable for you.


In order to verify a Skrill account,

You’ll need to upload your national id card, front and back, and a utility bill where it shows your actual physical address. Your bank must be located in the USA, and it should be, at least, a 6 months old account. Brand new accounts are not accepted no matter what.
We work with teams of Binary and Forex traders all over Latin America who belong to our organization, and who have been trained by our master traders. These traders have a vast experience when it comes down to trading with investors’ monies. For every $1000 contract they trade for a goal of $50 a day, that is $1000 a month, so they get $500 as their monthly freelance salary, you get your $200, and we keep $300 for our business. That amount of $50 a day, it is a very realistic goal to get to.

All of our traders trade with a maximum of $1000 in their accounts.

In a remote case they don’t reach their goal that day, they can reach it the other day, and we keep contingency money just in case they lose up to 50% of the $1000, something that rarely happens in our organization, cause traders begin their trading with only $1, and no more than $50 per transaction. Their expertise is totally guaranteed.

So, if you are really interested

In becoming one of our International Retirement Fund members, you must be aware that an interview will be conducted on Skype. One of our consultants will contact you in no more than 48 hours after you submit your information to us. Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within 48 hours, so that you can meet us personally by Skype or Whatsapp. Thank you very much for your interest in participating with us. Bear in mind that we do everything legally bound according to the national laws of the Republic of Panama. Our offices are located in Panama City, Panama, and we’ll supply information about our business license, our office address and our main telephone number before you transfer any money to our Skrill account.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start living the good life and let your money work for you ASAP, don’t delay your decision. Our membership is for a limited amount of American residents only.
Go and fill out the next form, so that we can contact you and have a talk. Thanks for your interest.
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